Do you know where?

This is the one single questions that I hear everyday. I can’t even check out at Wal-Mart without the cashier asking me “Do you know where your going?”

Then, there’s the answer… “Well, sorta.” In all honesty, I gotta say, “No, at this given moment in time, no, I do not know where.” The funny part about it is, I’m ok with where ever it ends up being, mainly cuz I know we haven’t lived there before.

So I pack.

I take the dogs for walks.

I found 3 cases of last years glorious pickles; had to dump them out. Cleaned up the jars so I could pack ’em. It’s hard to get-into packing when you don’t know where your headed. Then I have some quite, contemplating moments that are interrupted by barking, so I take the dogs for a walk.

We decided to take Selfie’s today. Note to self…need to practice this skill.

Maybe we’ll find something out today. We should. It’s the calm before the storm.

So I pack.