A Good Burger

Sometimes I feel like finding a good burger is as hard as finding a good church! Deep down inside, you know what you’re looking for. Real meat, fixed on a griddle, with fresh fixins and the bun heated on the griddle too! Real food, that’s what you’re looking for, real, simple, filling! I mean is it really that much to ask? Now granted, small towns have a little harder time at making it as good as the big cities, but come on folks, don’t tell me it’s impossible.

Preacher man had yesterday off so we went by the Post Office, mailed a box back, then stopped by the Library to get him a card and me more books. After that, we were hungry, so we headed to Muddbones. Never been there before but we had seen people wearing shirts with their name on them and it always had cars parked around it, so that had to mean something!


What was left!

Holy Moly, one of the owners has his act down to an art and even if you don’t like burger’s you should drop by to hear him rattle it off. I got a Bacon Cheeseburger and Preacher man got a Smoked Jalapeño Cheeseburger, both were awesome. The only bad part was no fries or beer.

We went to a little church 2 weeks ago that, counting us, had 20 people in attendance. We almost went back this past Sunday. We will try it again. Deep down inside, we know what we’re looking for.

I just need to meet some people so we can start having church right here at the house.


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