Saturday Thought

DSC_0010Why in the world do we do it? We keep stuff until it’s either unrecognizable or flat-out hurting someone.

My case in point: Bra’s.

That’s right, I hold onto bra’s way too long. I can admit it! My main reasoning is because I paid a hefty sum for them, those that are from Victoria’s Secret. So let’s see, how old are they? Got them when we lived in Rogers, AR 2010? Or did these come from Lexington KY 2007? A perfect example of how old they are…I don’t know!

Now, don’t get me wrong, these VS bra’s still look good and I guess you could say their still doing their job, BUT… It’s the underwire… Can I get an amen? I swear its new purpose in life is to punch a hole into my heart. I have moved the wire around. I have tried to get the fabric to cover it, I have tried, really I have. But I am done! I threw that bad girl holder in the trash yesterday and I’m not looking back!

My question is still the same, why do we hold onto things that hurt us?



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