Found it!

Some of you may be wondering if I’m working, for money, from someone other than Preacher man.I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that yes, I am working. Oh, I guess you wanna know what I’m doing huh? Well, I found a job that I’ve never done before so naturally I grabbed it. Actually, I had close to 20 app’s out there. Everything from birthing calf’s to setting up collage laboratories. The only job that called me was for merchandizing, so I do that now!

Long story short, I stock the magazines at 2 stores locally and 1 about 25 miles west, 3 days week, which allows me time for spiritual direction and cleaning the place up. It’s fine for now. It’s not what I went to school for, but then again, most of what I’ve done for my whole entire life has nothing to do with what I went to school for.

I found the library! Did I tell you I found the library? Oh my! Now I’m enrolled in a program…Book a trip across America reading program. Yeah, I know…sucker! Anyway, I have a year to read a book that either takes place in that state, is about that state, or is by an author who is from that state.The most interesting so far has been a book by William Doxey – Cousins to the Kudzu. If you can find it read it. Well worth it. It counted as my Georgia book. BTW, I’m starting my 7th book , so I’m well on my way to reading through 50 states!

It’s hot! More on that later!



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