Poverty of Spirit


Say what?!

I know right. I just figured that if I’m having to spend time with this, I’d take you with me so maybe we could make some sense of it.

Jesus told us…”Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” ~Matt 5:3.  So what does that look like? One of the meanings of poor states: humble; modest. So to have a humble spirit or a modest spirit. That seems to go against everything thats going on around us now a days! But this isn’t about what’s going on around us, it’s about what’s going on inside us.

We are called to be humble of spirit.

Sooo lacking, that we depend on God for it all! “I am nothing! It is all about you in me God! It has to be cuz I’m so lacking!”

I read somewhere that our blessing is hidden in our poverty.

OK, that helps. I feel like I have a purpose, to be blessed, to find my blessing…in my lacking…

Anyone? quote-humility-or-poverty-of-spirit-is-not-a-matter-of-thinking-low-thoughts-about-ourselves-john-w-miller-66-77-34

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