I had a challenging day of it yesterday and it’s taken me till now to process through it. My main point of said process is “Why do so many people function in a job with no joy, no compassion, no generosity?” The short answers is “They don’t know Jesus!” But the hard part is to look at my part in it.  I don’t work with these joyless jerks everyday, just once, maybe twice a week, so I don’t get the chance to “get to know them”. It’s hard for me to judge if they’re having a bad day, frankly because everyday is a bad day for them.

My first option is to tell her how ugly she’s acting, punch her in the face, and walk away…fastly. My second option was to cry all the way home (26 miles) and ask God why He has forgotten me!!

During that crying drive home, I was blessed to hear my favorite song of the month.

Click here!

Not Toby’s best video, but what I’m after are the words.

I know your heart been broke again, I know your prayers ain’t been answered yet. I know your feeling like you got nothing left. Well. lift your head, it ain’t over yet.

So, to start with, God ain’t forgot about me. He’s asking me what my part is going to be. I can lift my head and know that God will use me, when I turn it over to him. It’s just so easy to revert to my default self and punch her in the face. (Yes, I can see God shaking His head)  I just have to choose, everyday, to be filled with joy, no matter who’s watching or who’s not. I’ll keep you posted.

Well, lift your head, it ain’t over yet!


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