Two Things, Really!


I have 2 things I’d like to share today that have come to my attention. The first being, Felica is now in training to be my running buddy. Now this may change tomorrow, as she has a bad habit of pulling, and she’s pretty strong, so I go into ditches sometimes when I’m running too fast and she pulls on me when I’m in the air. Anyway, for a 8 month old pup, she’s doing stellar!

Now, we go out after I have already been on my 5K run. I do this about 4 days week. The other 3, I just go run with her. Last time she was weighted, she came in at about 45 pounds, she’s low to the ground, and like I’ve said before she reminds us of the “Gatekeeper” from Ghostbusters.

Something that Felica likes to do is chew things. Plastic bottles are fun, Braums cups with lid and straw still attached are challenging, paper, sticks, you get the ides, whatever is lying around within her reach.

I believe she has started a one dog campaign to clean up our 1.2-2.0 running area. Today for example, she came across a plastic juice bottle, the ones with the twist off cap thingy and you squirt the sugar straight down the kids throat! It’s blue. Anyway, she picked this bottle up and we ran all the way home with it. Along the way, quite a few people drove by and noticed her with a bottle. We gave them something to smile about! I really wish I could take a picture or video of us, but I’m afraid I would break bones doing that.


The other thing I would like to bring up is I saw in the paper this morning that West Nile virus-postive mosquitoes found at various places in the county!  These counties seem to be west of us, so I think if they were to check here, they would probably find it in our county. Anyway, I’m reading this blah blah blah, and I get a bite on the leg, which causes me to look at my feet! My poor feet! Most runners have U.G.L.Y. you ain’t got no alibi feet. I am blessed with cute feet, ask Preacher man! BUT, I have been under attach from biting, stinging, burning, little black ant’s! Oh My Goodness! I don’t think these things are fire ants, they are too small, but they are mean and after they bite you, it burns and stings, and it leaves a swollen liquid filled ouchy!

So what’s my point? Well, west nile is bad news, but so are these stupid ant’s. If the county is going to spray for west nile virus-postive mosquitoes, I think they should also add something in the spray to kill the dang ant’s.

Just Two things, really…


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