Invasion Time!

The summer before I started college, I worked for the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service as a Cotton Scout. All summer long, I would drive out to cotton fields that were in the program, get out and walk the field and count good bugs and bad bugs. As long as the good bugs out numbered the bad ones, we didn’t have to spay. There is however, a tipping point, where the good bugs aren’t keeping the bad bugs in check and the scale tips and we are over run by bad bugs.

I believe because of this scouting job, I hate worms and all that they are. I understand the ugly, green leaf eating caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies, and then they pollenate the flowers, blah blah blah blah! I do not care!


So, you can image my horror when we were invaded by Army Worms!


Army Worms

They’re were so many that the grass was moving! In the dark of the morning when I take the dogs out to potty, I could hear them being crunched under my flip flop! Gross!!!


Army Worm Moth

You might have seen some of these stuck to your car grill or I use to see them when I worked late nights at the gas station, flying into the lights.


Yard Damage by worms

The grass isn’t looking too good around here.

All this to say, we never really know when we are going to be over taken by our bad bugs. (Control, Fear, Selfishness, Anger, Pride…) We must do our due diligence to keep them in check. (Prayer, Scripture reading, Journaling, Worship…) But if and when the scale starts to tip, we need to call on our Spiritual Reinforcements to come and help us stomp the bad bugs under our feet!

Don’t forget that Jesus sent the disciples out in two’s.

Iron sharpens Iron. Who is your Iron?

Have you talked to them lately?



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