From where I sit!

Now is the calm before the storm of the day. That just means I need to drink my coffee and breath, cuz crazy is coming.


This day holds a lot. Felicia and I will be going to Obedient Class this morning. I’m not sure what this will hold but, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be posting about it. New things excite me, but they also freak me out. I have no idea where this class is, wait, yes I do. It’s between Bells and Sherman. Great! Also, someone throws up if she’s in the car too long or if the road’s are rough. Yes to both of those. So after we get out there, do our thing, we have to come back home.



I have a concert tonight at the Armory. Whoot to the hoot! This has been a whorl wind three weeks, yes, we started practice three short weeks ago and tonight is our first concert. Craziness! I play the Bari Sax, I guess I have since 7th grade. Before that it was the Oboe. Why did I change you ask. Moving to the south where football is king means marching band is what we do. Oboe’s don’t march so well.

The coolest part of this band though is starting to come to the surface… it’s the people I’m forced to sit by! I use to sit in the sax section. I now hang out with the Tuba Dude, aka TD, who is on my right. On my left is what I can only explain as someone who has come from the same planet I have, she is also a Bari so I’ll call her BB for Bari Babe! Then in front of me is a Bb French Horn, who is the partner in crime with BB so I’ll call her Frenchy. I have never been in a band that has had 2 Bari’s! So in the back row is a Tuba and 2 Bari’s blasting out the low tones. From where I sit, it’s amazing!

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