I am finding that overtime, as the doctor finds out it’s time for another mammogram, the places where we get these things done has changed, and I’m pretty glad about it.


When did we start with these mammo’s anyway? I’m thinking it was around the 80’s. I remember the first one I got. Holy Moly Batman! You could tell, not much went into comfort. That has changed and it’s really pretty.

Knowing that only women get these things regularly, they have made the offices very female friendly. Colors, comfort, warmness all play a part in the welcome. You check in, there’s water and coffee from one of them single cup makers. When they give you what I call “Bat wings”, they also give you a blanket, both warmed to 130 degrees for your comfort. Bat wings are a joke for a robe. It’s a piece of material with a snap on it. Throw it around your neck and snap it. Fly Time! They ask you to wait in this waiting room, which low and behold has another one of them single cup coffee makers in it!

Digital Imaging is the bomb. It allows the smashing to not have to be so smashy! To be a boob tech you gotta have a sense of humor, if not, I just don’t see you going very far. After this fun time was over I was walked by a table and offered a water and some cookies! I dressed and headed out the door.


I just remember it being so much worse…Am I getting old or are things getting better? The worst part of the whole thing was I went into the wrong changing room and couldn’t find my clothes! Never fear, I threw my batwings back on and flew down to the next room!

Wait, one other thing might have been bad. I could have gained weight with all the coffee and cookies!


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