Long Day!

Friday is my long day. It’s not a really hard day, but it’s the day I drive the most. I leave home and head for Sherman while it’s still dark outside. The Wally world birds have covered the parking lot and the top of the building. I’ll be back here around 10:30 and the birds will be under the cars, drinking the condensate from the air-conditioners. For now, I’m off to the big orange building at the end of the strip mall.

Having mechanized the big orange building, I then take care of Wally’s place, and as it approaches 1:30, I find myself on the road to Durant OK, heading to the big blue building. The road from Sherman to Denison is litter with huge concrete pothole! The speed limit is also 75. I find it much too challenging to drive 75 and swerve to avoid potholes in my Mini!

Crossing into Oklahoma, the speed limit drops to 70, but no one really takes notice except me and the dude pulling the trailer. Making our way north, we come by Choctaw, and the traffic slows some. From there until the exit I have to take, the road has been resurfaced. It’s a great stretch of road.

I start slowing and pulling to the right as the “great stretch of road” stops and I’m having to drive into very mean looking potholes. That’s where it had to have happen. My left rear tire hit it hard! I finished the big blue store and was headed back home down the 2 lane back roads. Had the soft top down, hair in cap, sunglasses on and it happened. The car told me the left rear tire was low. These are run flats, which means you can drive 50 mph for about 50 miles, after that, the tire is toast. So I slow down to 60 and the rear end of the mini starts to get squirrely. There isn’t that much of a rear end to it!

I made it to town and rolled into the first gas station. $1.50 for air! I get change, turn the air on and start filling the tire. I stop to check how much pressure I’ve got, nothing! More air, more checking, all leading to nothing. I head south cuz I think there’s a tire store on the right. I roll in and the old smart mouthed woman made me feel bad about having a cute car! So the long-haired dude walked me outside and point to the corner. “Go down there, they deal with low profile tires.”

I roll down to the next tire store and pull up at an open bay. Little tire fixer guy who had to spit before he spoke to me, then said, “We’re out of air.” I litterly almost lost it, and I think he saw that in my eyes, and quickly said he was kidding.


This is what he pulled out of my tire, it’s part of a brick. Preacher man asked me, “What’d you do, run over a house?” No I drove north on 69-75 and had to take the Durant exit!

After they ordered 2 tires, they told me not to go out-of-town until I got the new tires on the car. They would call me on Monday when the tires came in and then I’d be good to go. So I thanked them and headed home.

I popped open a beer, went outside and sat down. I was thankful to be sitting here and not in some ditch or hospital. I could hear airplanes in the distance, preparing for the airshow the next day. I drank my beer and watched the sky. Watching the planes made me remember all the planes I’ve watched over my life, and I felt like a little girl again. Running down the yard with my arms spread out wide, making that BrrrrrrrBrrrrrr, sound as I turn and pull my smoke!


Friday was my long day!

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