The story continues!

Come and listen to my story bout a man called Preacher man….


I can honestly say that in all the years we’ve moved this was the funniest by far. The crazy thing is we still aren’t done.

Let me back up, we closed on the 21st and started moving on the 25th. Yes, that’s right, you are looking at our Christmas tree, so to speak. We planned on getting the rest of our things out of storage this past weekend and this happened…


So, I really wish I could report that all is well and we are unpacking beautifully, but that isn’t the case. Also, starting tomorrow, we are having 3 trees taken down, IF the wind and storm on the way in doesn’t take them down first.

I can’t seem to get anything done except laundry and dishes, and that’s cuz I have machines to help me with that! Am I the only one that has a list as long as my arm and can’t get things marked off of it?

As I write, it’s 76 degrees. I went out and trimmed my rose bushes back because they are starting to bud. Also, on a real sad note, I think my lemon tree is dead. We had a cold snap and it got down to like 17. It’s just not looking like it’s going to make it. After the 5 moves that it lived through, it’s going to die cuz of a little cold snap!


I’m excited about the POTUS elect Donald Trump! I listened to him today and can’t remember the last time I was more proud to be an American! Very excited! It’s going to be Huge!!


This is my Bari twin sister from another mother! Lord, you can see my fillings! Another thing we have in common is our love of this…


Peace out!

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