How does your garden grow?

IMG_7273 Here’s Preacher man laying his hand on the cucumber mass, bush, I don’t even know what to call it!

Below is how it started.


My friend that can kill anything from the plant kingdom had this beauty and is letting me use it to see how pickles will taste from a tower garden. I have heard that tomatoes don’t taste like tomatoes from the garden, more like they are from the store. I’ve gotten some of the hydroponic maters before and they are not what I’m craving when I’m wanting a BLT! However green leafy stuff is said to be amazingly good! So… cucumber is what I’m trying.

Things that I’ve learned from this planting exercise.

  1. 2 seeds are plenty. Do not put in 3, that is over kill!
  2. Powdery Mildew does not care what I am trying to do here, and will come a calling when it’s humid, hot, and the air flow is not flowing. It happens a lot when your plants get watered from above, aka, rain.
  3. It’s surprisingly easy. The hardest part is checking the water and adding daily.

The creepy thing now is it reminds me of the plant in Little Shop of Horror’s, Audrey II.




I picked this at lunch time today….


I didn’t even bother to peel it. Looks like a cuke, smells like a cuke….


Taste like a cuke!!!!

If I do this right, might be the year I make some pickles!

You got to see it here first, how my pickle empire was started.

More to come!



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