Lessons in leaf lifting!

So, I’ve been going through what can be affectionately called a lonely, dry spell. It has lasted for quit a while now. At times, I’m fine, it’s the other times that are hard.

I know I’m the beloved. I really do. I also don’t know it, or maybe it’s more like I don’t recognize it during these times. It’s like when you walk into a forest and you become aware you’re not alone… There’s something out there even if you can’t see it with your eyes you sense it with your spirit. That’s how I feel right now.

I know that I know…sigh

During my time with my spiritual director, I shared this story.


Remember this? The thing is covered with yellow flowers! I mean all over the place! It’s August, I should be knee-deep in cucumbers. I got a few, they taste good, they have a great shape, I just ain’t getting enough to have a mess so I can go to the trouble of making pickles! I had such plan’s…pickle empire and such. We have been putting time water and sweat into this thing! 2-4 5 gallon buckets of water with measured out nutrients a day. I even put the umbrella up for it in the hot part of the afternoon! 

Yesterday, I was checking it out for fruit. I have to be careful where I put my feet or smashed vines will be everywhere. As I looked I saw nothing, just like me life! This whole pickle empire was a work in futility. There is nothing out here. I lifted a vine to check under it and lo and behold, there was a nice one! Oh Wow!! That’s 2! Setting the world on fire now! Looking down, I see the plant really is pretty, covered in flowers, with no fruit! I get mad all over again. But I keep looking. I lift a leaf, there’s one, and there’s one hiding. The next thing I know I have enough for a mess….I can do pickles!!! 

Not until the next day in my retelling of the story did it hit me. Isn’t that just like God, to show Himself that way.

When we walk into the forest, He’s there. He’s always been there, waiting.

When you start looking for fruit in your life, it can be hard to find. We spend all this time and money trying to be who we were called to be.  The flowers of possibilities are all over the place! We just can’t see the fruit. Take heart, sometimes you have to look under the leaves.

God has not forgotten me and He for sure hasn’t forgotten you! It’s hard being in lonely, dry places! Mainly because it’s lonely and dry! He has put a lot into us, His time and energy and Son. The least we can do is look under the leaves for the fruit!


Thought? Did God show you something different in the telling of the story?



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