Those 3 men!

The 12 day’s of Christmas come to a conclusion on January 6th. This is also known as the Epiphany. I have had some epiphanies before, you know, that sudden intuitive perception or insight into something, that Ah Ha moment. But this isn’t really the epiphany I want to talk about. The Epiphany I speak of is when Christ manifested himself to the Gentiles, aka the Magi or as they are more commonly known, The Three Wise Men!

These Magi have come to mean more to me as the years go by, mainly I’ve started seeing them as examples of how I should be walking with the Lord. Here are a few things I’m learning.

  1. Do your part. Sometimes this means waiting, sometimes it means getting your butt in gear and getting on with it. They had been studying, looking, waiting for this King and this star to show up. Then they got their butts in gear and they got on the road! They started towards the unknown, hoping to find what they were looking for.
  2. Humility. I’m pretty sure when you look this up it will say, “One of the hardest things for you to do!” Oh, well I see I was wrong on that account. To lower in condition, importance, or dignity… That’s what it says, I swear! They were Kings, wise men of the east! They had it going on and really didn’t need to be running all over the country following this star… but they did.
  3. Grace. They had the grace to detach from their world and follow a star. To leave their comfy palace’s and go camping in the winter time!! People were like “What?!?” but this didn’t stop them.
  4. Bring your gifts. Now, my gifts are not Gold, Frankincense or Myrrh, but these are great gifts and it happened to be what the Kings had. We all are gifted somehow. Find out what your gifts are and get ready to give them.

So for this new year that stretches out more in front of us than behind, what are you up to? What have you been praying about, or wishing would happen? For me, it’s using the gifts that Preacher man and I have been graced with to help people heal and grow towards God. Now that sounds like a rather noble goal, and it is one that we have been working towards for years. But things are starting to open up in my heart and spirit about what God may want for us.

So I want to encourage you, as well as myself, to spend the time, doing your part, being humble, detaching, and bring your gifts to the altar. God is still in control and He really does have a plan for each of us! But we have to do our part with a humble heart, He gives us the grace and gifts that are needed. Just think, if the Magi hadn’t been available….