Workin’ it!

I have so many things that are going on around and in me that I find it hard to keep it all straight. I feel like I’m always running behind, or that I’ve forgotten to do something. When I do have time to sit and be still, the laundry needs to be going in the back ground or notes made on the ever-present list. I find that I fall asleep fast, but don’t stay that way.  My mind at night is not my friend!

Preacher man gave me a few books from his stash and I’m going to share some insights from them. Not all at once mind you, but slowly, so I can figure out what’s going on.

Perhaps the greater question is “Why do we grieve?” We grieve because we love. We grieve in direct proportion to the depth of our love. The more you love, the greater your grief. The more sensitive you are, the greater you suffer. If you did not love, you would not suffer; grief and suffering are inextricably linked. 

So because we love, we suffer. Why not pick not loving? With not loving comes not suffering! I can’t even imagine not loving, it’s a choice, but it’s in our soul’s to love because that’s how God made us. We have free will not to love, but with Sylvia, it was impossible to pick not loving!


So friends, take courage in these words! We are not alone in our grief! Grief is lonely and we each have to go through it in our own way, but we are not alone! Our love for Sylvia has insured that we have each other, and the love of our God will never leave us orphaned!



Attitudes are more important than facts.

Think about that truth for a while. I’ll wait.

The fact is you have lost a loved one to death. The grief is hard, and the journey is lonely. Yet, your attitude can triumph over the facts about loss. Adopt the attitude that you will overcome, that you will transform pain into gain, that you will become an enlarged person as a result of this hard experience. ~ VW Parachin