I have a book that a dear friend gave me called Streams in the Desert. I want to share part of the reading for the day November 19th.


And whoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. (John 11:26)

How it would widen out our thoughts, conceptions, hopes and plans if the walls that divide life here and hereafter were broken down and our eyes could see our existence in perspective, stretching away into eternity, as real, as personal, as fraught with interest beyond the grave as on this side of it! How it would lift up, dignify, ennoble, inspire, awaken and deepen all our life if we could but hold the truth of personal immortality in our consciousness all the while as vividly and as really as we hold tomorrow!


So what do you think about that? You may have to read it again, I did!


For the Christian, the realization of the truth of immortality takes away the bitterness of earthly defeat. There are lives that are cut off here before any of their powers are developed. Dreams of greatness or beauty fill the vision of loving friends. Then suddenly they are stricken down in the dim dawn or the early morning.

No life is incomplete because it is cut off too soon to ripen, in an earthly home, into majesty of form and glory of fruitage; for death does not come to the Christian as a destroyer. It dims no splendor. It only takes out of life whatever is dull, earthly, and opaque, and leaves it pure, brilliant, glorious.


Holy Smokes!! This gives me a new sense of hope!! I mean, we know this right? But when you read it from someone else, someone you don’t even know and who doesn’t even know Sylvia, and it makes your spirit take notice… AND it was for November 19th, our 6 month milestone.

So take courage, God see’s you. He knows how you hurt. Ask that He give you eyes to see and ears to hear Him.

Click here look for the girl who turns to a Lion!


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