Blessed are they that mourn – and mend!

There are things I come across, and I feel the desire to pass them along, in hopes that they widen our understanding of this shared grief and to bring comfort in knowing, we are not alone.

A Lost Sorrow

A lost sorrow is a sorrow out of which a person failed to get the blessing which God meant to come out of it for them. Out of ever sorrow, God means there should come submission; a drawing nearer to His own great heart of love; a new vision of the shallowness of worldly streams and the depths of Divine ones; a closer devotion to Jesus than ever before known; a loosening of the grasp on time; and it’s tightening upon eternity. It is a solemn fact which some know all too well, sorrow leaves us either closer to God or further away. It’s a double-edged tool. It either scars or beautifies.


So here I sit, thinking about sorrow. It’s almost like a giving in… to walk into the sorrow or sit with it. To allow the pain…

Waiting for the God of all comfort to show me today the blessing He has for me.

So be encouraged my sorrow-filled Sojourners, seek and believe the words of comfort from God! We must put our wills into allowing God to bring us comfort. We must choose to be comforted.


Say Their Name

Joni has a way of saying it!!

We will never stop talking about them.

We need to remember because the memories are all we have left.

We need you to remember them too.

Talk about them.

Share a memory, tell a story.

It doesn’t hurt us to hear you talk about them.

It’s the silence that hurts most of all.

Say. Their. Name.

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Wow, the holiday’s just kinda came and went, or is it just me? Thanksgiving was harder than Christmas. Christmas isn’t so bad cuz Preacher man and I have gotten pretty good at just the 2 of us. I look up, and it’s already the second week in January.

I wonder at what stage of grief I’m in sometimes, that sounds strange. I know that I’m not in anger right now. I was, and I remember how close to fury it became. Denial probably happens almost daily, but so does some small bit of acceptance. I remember Sylvia saying, “None of us gets out of here alive!”

I am reading different things on grieving, mainly cuz I want to be transformed, but also because grieving is something we’ll be doing our whole life, so we might as well grieve well. Here’s something I wanted to share…

To continue to dwell on why questions and “if only” conjectures is unfruitful and can lead to bitterness and misery, which are burdens a loving God does not want us to carry. We get beyond the why questions by trusting that He not only has an answer, but that He is the Answer.


Coaches husband said it best, when he said it is time for me to stop mourning the loss of my beast and start honoring her.

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