Blessed are they that mourn – and mend!

There are things I come across, and I feel the desire to pass them along, in hopes that they widen our understanding of this shared grief and to bring comfort in knowing, we are not alone.

A Lost Sorrow

A lost sorrow is a sorrow out of which a person failed to get the blessing which God meant to come out of it for them. Out of ever sorrow, God means there should come submission; a drawing nearer to His own great heart of love; a new vision of the shallowness of worldly streams and the depths of Divine ones; a closer devotion to Jesus than ever before known; a loosening of the grasp on time; and it’s tightening upon eternity. It is a solemn fact which some know all too well, sorrow leaves us either closer to God or further away. It’s a double-edged tool. It either scars or beautifies.


So here I sit, thinking about sorrow. It’s almost like a giving in… to walk into the sorrow or sit with it. To allow the pain…

Waiting for the God of all comfort to show me today the blessing He has for me.

So be encouraged my sorrow-filled Sojourners, seek and believe the words of comfort from God! We must put our wills into allowing God to bring us comfort. We must choose to be comforted.


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