Let me tell you a story…

So, I’m sitting here on  my day off, still in my house coat, cuz, yeah it’s my day off. I’ve talked to the people I needed to talk to, I’ve had plenty of coffee, let me take a minute and tell you a Sylvia story.

Preacher man and I lived in Colorado when Phillip and Sylvia were young. Not seeing them as much as we wanted to was hard, so when we were together we made them our big deals, our main events. However, we are also the Aunt and Uncle that for some reason could give them perfect gift’s. One such gift was Anti Monkey Butt Powder.


Now you may ask, why in the world would you give your very athletic, sweaty, smelly (at times), big butted niece Anti Monkey Butt Powder? Well, let me tell you, It’s because

#1. It was on sale,

#b. I wanted to help her not sweat as much and not have friction (cuz it says right there on the side “Anti friction and sweat powder”), and

Q. it was something she knew she would get every Christmas.

Then when they came out with Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder, boy oh boy did we have a good time with that one!


Jump to today! I’m looking at Twitter and I see Slaterhater has a pic up of Sylvia with a WooPigSooie Hog nose on from 3 years ago. It’s such a cute picture of her with that awesome nose on! And under her arm is a pillow pet, that I’m told “saw many things and went everywhere with us!” from her team mates and closest friends.


Guess who got her that Pillow pet? Yeah! That’s right!! This girl!! That Monkey replaced the Anti Monkey Butt Monkey!

So be encouraged friends!! Look and God will show you! Ask for His peace and He will bring it. Seeing this picture of Sylvia with that monkey under her arm, let’s me know that God’s got this. He see’s me. He knows my pain. He keeps my tears.

Sylvia is part of the “Great Cloud of Witness”. She is just gone from my sight…