About Kimer


Hi!! I’m Kimer. Welcome to the About page. I am a wife, truth teller & Spiritual Director. I love my dogs, Gracie Mae and Felicia (yes I did name my dog Felicia ), my husband Alex (whom I refer to as Preacher man), and Jesus!

I am not PC however I am opened minded. I write the way I talk, so if you read something and it doesn’t make any sense, reread it out loud with a southern drawl. If that still doesn’t do it, punt!

I’m a runner. This under no uncertain terms does not mean that I’m fast. I’m a middle-aged woman that never really was athletic, so give me a break. I run to keep from going crazy. I run so I can drink beer. I run cuz I can.

I write about walking an intentional path, with humor, passion and some God given grace. I write about what moves me, touches my heart and pisses me off. I’ve had more jobs than Carter has liver pills and it has all made me who I am today.

Leave me a message if you’d like.

I hope you have time to come and sit a spell. Just remember, It’s all a process.


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