Friday Night Lights!

When Daddy was stationed in Hawaii, my sister and I got the opportunity to learn to ride horses. It was English saddle, so no horn to hold onto. Cute outfits with beautiful riding boots and cool hats with little whips. Even if the cute outfit part never happened, we did learn to ride.


Jump ahead years, Preacher man and I were dating and went to a rodeo. That was when I figured out I was allergic to horses. My lungs shut down, can’t take in a full breath, sneezing and flat-out feeling like death was surly close at hand.

This is why I have stayed away from horses and horse activities, I try to die!

Few more years, we’re living in the huge state of Texas, it’s time for the Fort Worth Rodeo, so we go. Again, lungs shut down, the whole 9 yards.


J, horse friend and nurse

Now, when you live in Texas, you either have a horse or you have horse friends. I have the later. Horse people do not understand non horse people and I’m ok with that. However, I have this one horse friend who is also a nurse in real life and she asked me a question that I slapped my forehead when asked. “Why don’t you take some Benadryl and bring your inhaler?”



So I did… I was able to stay in the arena for 2 hours.

I feel like I have arrived! I’m in Texas and can try to embrace the culture!

So Preacher man and I went to watch sorting. There are 10 calf’s that have numbers on their backs. The caller picks a number, 4, and two riders have to move the cows from one side to the other, one at a time, in order!  So 4, then 5, up to 9 then 0 and up to 4.

The part’s I love… It’s free and you can bring a cooler. The people aren’t uppity, nor do they treat you like dirt cuz you’re not on a horse. Kids are playing farm in the dirt, there are bathrooms, and a few cowboy hats but more ball caps.

All in all a good time! The best part way being able to pet the horses without falling out dead!

Texas….Your growing on me!


Where’s the…

So, have I told you what I do now? For a paycheck? It’s not who I am, or what I aspired to be. It’s what I do for a paycheck. I merchandise…I put stuff in its place and make it neat and organized so you as a customer want to buy it. That’s what they tell me but in truth, I do stuff that the store’s don’t want to be bothered with, or that their people can’t be trusted to do right or even do at all.


On the food chain of a store, we are right above the folks that clean the parking lots in the dead of night, or at least this is how it feels someplace’s. This isn’t an easy place to be when you are high energy, gregarious, and simply loud and funny. But this is where I find myself, with my degrees and certifications, putting magazines where they belong and sticking coupons on “I can’t believe it’s not butter.”

My soul screams out for day’s of listening to the birds come awake in a dawn of the morning, and not having to rush away somewhere. I yearn to be at the Abby of Gethsemane with soul friends in silent retreat. I want to know what happened!


That however, is not my lot in life, anymore anyway. So now I take what I know and what I’ve learned and I try to put it to use. I listen to the people in the back room as they start their day. I over hear your conversations as you stand in line with your children, or your husband or just by yourself.

I, for some reason, look like I work at every store I service, so people are forever coming up to me and asking me where the batteries are or if I could get someone to help them in jewelry or if we carry oil for vacuum pumps.

Here’s what I’m thinking. People always need help with something. Sometimes it’s with location of product, but sometimes it’s to just to be heard.

A lady picked up a magazine with a picture of a beautiful blue hydrangea on it. “That’s a gorgeous color!” I say in passing. “It was my mother’s favorite…” and I find that the Holy Spirit grabs a hold of my shoulder and slows me down to a stop.

My lesson: God is still using me, it just doesn’t look like it use to or how I thought it would look. I’m seeing that when God takes the time to fine tune you, he really does want to hear what sound you’ll make when plucked. So I encourage you to take the time.



Fine Tuning


Why do we fight change so hard? Even when things are bad, we are reluctant to open our hands and let change happen. Part of my prayer everyday is “Your will Lord, not mine.” yet, do I practice that? I want to, but if I’m honest… not so much.

I find myself having a willing heart but my hands are clinging to anything that seems stable, even if it’s not the best for me, I still hold on.

I read a story this morning about a harpist tuning his harp. Kinda similar to the way God tunes us. God loves us with a huge love, but desires more and better for us. So we are tuned. It’s painful, when the key is turned and the string becomes tighter, but the sound it makes when played is purer.

So we hope that when our strings are struck, that the sound will be Christlikeness. This did not happen for me yesterday, and I am in anguish because I failed.

However, in my failing, I have examined and found that things are not as the always appear. The truth of the matter is if I will open my hands and let God take from me the things he wants to remove from my life, I will allow the tuning of my life.

The crazy thing about all this… If we allow this to happen, for God to tune us, the peace that follows is mind blowing.

So today, I choose to allow God to tune me for his song!



It continues to amaze me how blessed I am. It also amazes me that I forget and complain so easily. I lost someone very dear to my heart this week. It was a blessing for them because the cancer had taken all but 65 pounds. That’s no way to live, that’s just existing.

Why are you cast down, O my soul, and

why are you disquieted within me?

Hope in God; for I shall again praise him,

my help and my God. ~ Ps 42:11

Sometimes, that’s all we can do, Hope in God. Sometimes, it’s all we should be allowed to do. Because ‘we’ cannot fix it, so we might as well open our hands and stop holding on so damn tightly. God has this. He will make beauty out of our ashes, if we will but look up.

This is all part of the journey back to God. We have things we have to learn, things like true compassion, true friendship, empathy, turning the other cheek. You know, the hard stuff. Become humble! OMG that’s the hardest. People are proud of their pride.

I waited patiently for the Lord;

he inclined to me and heard my cry ~ Ps 40:1

Thanks for reading, oh, and be nice today to those around you. You never know how that action can bless someone.

Peace out


The story continues!

Come and listen to my story bout a man called Preacher man….


I can honestly say that in all the years we’ve moved this was the funniest by far. The crazy thing is we still aren’t done.

Let me back up, we closed on the 21st and started moving on the 25th. Yes, that’s right, you are looking at our Christmas tree, so to speak. We planned on getting the rest of our things out of storage this past weekend and this happened…


So, I really wish I could report that all is well and we are unpacking beautifully, but that isn’t the case. Also, starting tomorrow, we are having 3 trees taken down, IF the wind and storm on the way in doesn’t take them down first.

I can’t seem to get anything done except laundry and dishes, and that’s cuz I have machines to help me with that! Am I the only one that has a list as long as my arm and can’t get things marked off of it?

As I write, it’s 76 degrees. I went out and trimmed my rose bushes back because they are starting to bud. Also, on a real sad note, I think my lemon tree is dead. We had a cold snap and it got down to like 17. It’s just not looking like it’s going to make it. After the 5 moves that it lived through, it’s going to die cuz of a little cold snap!


I’m excited about the POTUS elect Donald Trump! I listened to him today and can’t remember the last time I was more proud to be an American! Very excited! It’s going to be Huge!!


This is my Bari twin sister from another mother! Lord, you can see my fillings! Another thing we have in common is our love of this…


Peace out!


I have been afraid to get excited about the house. “They” say, everyone has issues. I say, not like us!

Preacher man and I have been looking for a house to buy. Not that we have tons of money, we just need to be in a house, that’s not a duplex, and that belongs to us.


We have always gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to buying and selling  houses. But we keep trying. This house buying story is no exception, however I am looking at it somewhat differently than I have before. The closing date has been December 1st, then the 5th, 15th and now the 19th. We are getting a USDA loan, which freaks me out to think about. Why is the USDA into home loans? Anyway, these are buggers, “they” say.


Again, last night, Preacher man and I had to have the whole conversation about this house and what God wants for us. See, this is the third house we have tried to buy this year, and through it all, we have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. The first house was two days before closing, Preacher man found out he was a displaced employee and had two months to find another place. The second house was the seller wanted a full month after the closing to move out of the house. The third one is now…

I’m not excited, but I am expectant. I guess I have faith that this will come through, because my faith is in God, not man and his processes. “Faith is the substance of things to be hoped for, the evidence of things that appear not.” (Hebrews 11:1)


So, while everyone has trees up and their house’s are a glow to celebrate the season, we aren’t even packed.

However, we have wonderful lemons on our lemon tree. You know what “they” say, when life gives you lemons, make a lemon drop!

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Waiting Time

It’s a bore! It takes too long. It makes us anxious. We just want to stomp our feet and have a hissy fit! Don’t you feel that way when your told you have to wait? Remember Christmas time as a kid…way back when Santa would come to your door to check on you and give you a present. (When that happened, I really had a hard time trying to figure out what was going on.) It was hard to wait!

It’s still hard to wait!

Why is it somethings just don’t get easier as we get older?

But wait we must, cuz you can’t really speed it up or make it come any faster. I have found that over the years, ‘waiting time’ needs to be filled with something. The whole reason I started running was because Preacher man went to South Dakota for 3 months one summer and I had to wait on him to come home. So I started running. While we sit in the doctor’s office waiting on who knows what to happen, we read magazines, grumble among ourselves, look through our email, we fill our ‘waiting time’.

I’ve never seen someone jump up, say they aren’t going to wait anymore, set the trash on fire, block the doors so no one gets in or out and storm through the door smashing pictures and pushing people out-of-the-way. Have you? I mean we feel like doing it and I’m sure some of us can picture it real clearly in our minds, but we don’t do it.

Maybe it’s because we were raised to respect ‘waiting time’, or maybe be in awe of it. “Good things come to those who wait.” We sit rather quietly in our little waiting bubble. Expectant. Ever alert to those around us and any sound that could be a door opening.


This rioting, crying and acting a fool, destroying other people’s property, therapy dog needing crap is not how we act. In fact y’all are a big reason Donald J Trump is going to be our 45 President. We are tired of you acting a fool. We are tired of being blamed. I for one am tired of you bullying me!

“We” are in a ‘waiting time’. There is nothing you can do to speed up or slow down this ‘time’. We will have Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years. Then Donald J Trump will become our 45 President. Pretty much in that order. So now is a good time to practice our ‘waiting time’ skills.

Suck it up Buttercup!

Get a job, move out of your mom’s house, pay your phone bill, and try to find out how you can fix things as opposed to tearing them up.

There is enough real broken, hurting people in this world without your spoiled ass’s adding to it. Be part of the healing not the hurting! Stop being bullies! We’ve had enough of your little fits.

Enough already!