I have been afraid to get excited about the house. “They” say, everyone has issues. I say, not like us!

Preacher man and I have been looking for a house to buy. Not that we have tons of money, we just need to be in a house, that’s not a duplex, and that belongs to us.


We have always gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to buying and selling  houses. But we keep trying. This house buying story is no exception, however I am looking at it somewhat differently than I have before. The closing date has been December 1st, then the 5th, 15th and now the 19th. We are getting a USDA loan, which freaks me out to think about. Why is the USDA into home loans? Anyway, these are buggers, “they” say.


Again, last night, Preacher man and I had to have the whole conversation about this house and what God wants for us. See, this is the third house we have tried to buy this year, and through it all, we have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. The first house was two days before closing, Preacher man found out he was a displaced employee and had two months to find another place. The second house was the seller wanted a full month after the closing to move out of the house. The third one is now…

I’m not excited, but I am expectant. I guess I have faith that this will come through, because my faith is in God, not man and his processes. “Faith is the substance of things to be hoped for, the evidence of things that appear not.” (Hebrews 11:1)


So, while everyone has trees up and their house’s are a glow to celebrate the season, we aren’t even packed.

However, we have wonderful lemons on our lemon tree. You know what “they” say, when life gives you lemons, make a lemon drop!

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Waiting Time

It’s a bore! It takes too long. It makes us anxious. We just want to stomp our feet and have a hissy fit! Don’t you feel that way when your told you have to wait? Remember Christmas time as a kid…way back when Santa would come to your door to check on you and give you a present. (When that happened, I really had a hard time trying to figure out what was going on.) It was hard to wait!

It’s still hard to wait!

Why is it somethings just don’t get easier as we get older?

But wait we must, cuz you can’t really speed it up or make it come any faster. I have found that over the years, ‘waiting time’ needs to be filled with something. The whole reason I started running was because Preacher man went to South Dakota for 3 months one summer and I had to wait on him to come home. So I started running. While we sit in the doctor’s office waiting on who knows what to happen, we read magazines, grumble among ourselves, look through our email, we fill our ‘waiting time’.

I’ve never seen someone jump up, say they aren’t going to wait anymore, set the trash on fire, block the doors so no one gets in or out and storm through the door smashing pictures and pushing people out-of-the-way. Have you? I mean we feel like doing it and I’m sure some of us can picture it real clearly in our minds, but we don’t do it.

Maybe it’s because we were raised to respect ‘waiting time’, or maybe be in awe of it. “Good things come to those who wait.” We sit rather quietly in our little waiting bubble. Expectant. Ever alert to those around us and any sound that could be a door opening.


This rioting, crying and acting a fool, destroying other people’s property, therapy dog needing crap is not how we act. In fact y’all are a big reason Donald J Trump is going to be our 45 President. We are tired of you acting a fool. We are tired of being blamed. I for one am tired of you bullying me!

“We” are in a ‘waiting time’. There is nothing you can do to speed up or slow down this ‘time’. We will have Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years. Then Donald J Trump will become our 45 President. Pretty much in that order. So now is a good time to practice our ‘waiting time’ skills.

Suck it up Buttercup!

Get a job, move out of your mom’s house, pay your phone bill, and try to find out how you can fix things as opposed to tearing them up.

There is enough real broken, hurting people in this world without your spoiled ass’s adding to it. Be part of the healing not the hurting! Stop being bullies! We’ve had enough of your little fits.

Enough already!




I sense peace…

This morning when I woke, I really didn’t have any idea what had happened through the night. I had a hope of what I wanted to happen, but I truly had no idea.

After I found out that Donald J. Trump was to be our 45 POTUS, I cried. I watched his speech from last night, and I cried. They are tears of relief. They are tears of hope. They are different from the tears of 911, but they are the same.

God still sees us!

I feel like once again, He has answered our prayers, given us a back bone to say, “We aren’t doing government this way anymore!” Shown us that we do matter. The question has always been what are we going to do with it.

The church had the biggest and best chance it has ever had to bring people into the folds on 9/12, and there after for a few months. The church failed.

Now we have been given another chance to be who and what our Fore Fathers had in mind when they pledged their lives to God and this country. I for one am ready!

I sense peace…

There’s a lot of work to do, but we’re up for it. The people of The United States of America,  as a whole, have been resting for the past 8 years. It’s time to get off the couch and get back to work, back to being involved in our communities, back to helping each other.

God is on the Throne!



Long Day!

Friday is my long day. It’s not a really hard day, but it’s the day I drive the most. I leave home and head for Sherman while it’s still dark outside. The Wally world birds have covered the parking lot and the top of the building. I’ll be back here around 10:30 and the birds will be under the cars, drinking the condensate from the air-conditioners. For now, I’m off to the big orange building at the end of the strip mall.

Having mechanized the big orange building, I then take care of Wally’s place, and as it approaches 1:30, I find myself on the road to Durant OK, heading to the big blue building. The road from Sherman to Denison is litter with huge concrete pothole! The speed limit is also 75. I find it much too challenging to drive 75 and swerve to avoid potholes in my Mini!

Crossing into Oklahoma, the speed limit drops to 70, but no one really takes notice except me and the dude pulling the trailer. Making our way north, we come by Choctaw, and the traffic slows some. From there until the exit I have to take, the road has been resurfaced. It’s a great stretch of road.

I start slowing and pulling to the right as the “great stretch of road” stops and I’m having to drive into very mean looking potholes. That’s where it had to have happen. My left rear tire hit it hard! I finished the big blue store and was headed back home down the 2 lane back roads. Had the soft top down, hair in cap, sunglasses on and it happened. The car told me the left rear tire was low. These are run flats, which means you can drive 50 mph for about 50 miles, after that, the tire is toast. So I slow down to 60 and the rear end of the mini starts to get squirrely. There isn’t that much of a rear end to it!

I made it to town and rolled into the first gas station. $1.50 for air! I get change, turn the air on and start filling the tire. I stop to check how much pressure I’ve got, nothing! More air, more checking, all leading to nothing. I head south cuz I think there’s a tire store on the right. I roll in and the old smart mouthed woman made me feel bad about having a cute car! So the long-haired dude walked me outside and point to the corner. “Go down there, they deal with low profile tires.”

I roll down to the next tire store and pull up at an open bay. Little tire fixer guy who had to spit before he spoke to me, then said, “We’re out of air.” I litterly almost lost it, and I think he saw that in my eyes, and quickly said he was kidding.


This is what he pulled out of my tire, it’s part of a brick. Preacher man asked me, “What’d you do, run over a house?” No I drove north on 69-75 and had to take the Durant exit!

After they ordered 2 tires, they told me not to go out-of-town until I got the new tires on the car. They would call me on Monday when the tires came in and then I’d be good to go. So I thanked them and headed home.

I popped open a beer, went outside and sat down. I was thankful to be sitting here and not in some ditch or hospital. I could hear airplanes in the distance, preparing for the airshow the next day. I drank my beer and watched the sky. Watching the planes made me remember all the planes I’ve watched over my life, and I felt like a little girl again. Running down the yard with my arms spread out wide, making that BrrrrrrrBrrrrrr, sound as I turn and pull my smoke!


Friday was my long day!

Instant noodle jars!

This was so amazingly easy sounding I had to re-post it to my site!

And we stir

Have you ever had one of those days when work is driving you mad and you wish you could have a quick Tequila shot that would take the edge off, or in lieu of the alcohol an indulgent meal at lunch which will provide the mental sustenance to get through the rest of the day? I have at least one of these days every week and would love to not grab that bar of chocolate to overcome the frustration.

Jini and I got to talking about this one day and realised  we both think there is something so comforting about a bowl of hot, spicy, soupy noodles; its like a hug in a bowl. In addition to the fact that these are upliftingly yummy and have actual magic powers, they can be pulled together effortlessly the previous night and you can grab and go the next day.


These are not just a…

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I am finding that overtime, as the doctor finds out it’s time for another mammogram, the places where we get these things done has changed, and I’m pretty glad about it.


When did we start with these mammo’s anyway? I’m thinking it was around the 80’s. I remember the first one I got. Holy Moly Batman! You could tell, not much went into comfort. That has changed and it’s really pretty.

Knowing that only women get these things regularly, they have made the offices very female friendly. Colors, comfort, warmness all play a part in the welcome. You check in, there’s water and coffee from one of them single cup makers. When they give you what I call “Bat wings”, they also give you a blanket, both warmed to 130 degrees for your comfort. Bat wings are a joke for a robe. It’s a piece of material with a snap on it. Throw it around your neck and snap it. Fly Time! They ask you to wait in this waiting room, which low and behold has another one of them single cup coffee makers in it!

Digital Imaging is the bomb. It allows the smashing to not have to be so smashy! To be a boob tech you gotta have a sense of humor, if not, I just don’t see you going very far. After this fun time was over I was walked by a table and offered a water and some cookies! I dressed and headed out the door.


I just remember it being so much worse…Am I getting old or are things getting better? The worst part of the whole thing was I went into the wrong changing room and couldn’t find my clothes! Never fear, I threw my batwings back on and flew down to the next room!

Wait, one other thing might have been bad. I could have gained weight with all the coffee and cookies!


Baths, Bugs and Being

So, Felicia did ok at puppy class. She’s one of three bigger puppies, which just means there’s more of her. The rest of the class consists of a Jack Russel, a Frenchie, something so small it didn’t warrant the halter it was entrapped in, and a Sheltie. We are working on “Sit” which she’s got down, and “Heel” which she only get’s when I have treats in my pocket.

I took both dog’s for bath’s this past week. A great treat for Gracie, a new experience for Felicia. Needless to say, Gracie was loved and Felicia was double teamed.


I found the strangest worm on my lemon tree this past week. In fact, I had just talked to Cody, Fannin County’s extension agent that very day. Came home and found this dog face thing on my tree.


This is the Orange Dog Caterpillar…As an adult it’s the Giant Swallowtail. They are pests of citrus trees. So all y’all with citrus trees get out there and look! This thing was going to town on my leaves. And ugly, wow yes! See those red horns? They came out when I pissed it off. I left this dude in the plastic bag and he was gone in the morning… I’m still keeping an eye out for his kind. Call me racist, I don’t care. They just got to go!

I’ve been thinking about what being content means. Let me ask you, are you content in your daily tasks? I mean content as an adjective. “Satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.” Or are you wanting more?

See, I have always “wanted more”, so I pushed myself for better jobs, more money, you know, the rat race. But after Preacher man graduated, I slowly started evaluating what I was “doing” and I started to see I was better when I was “being” instead of when I was “doing”. You may not even have time to think about “being” cuz your too busy “doing”, It’s easy to get caught up in the race.

The reason I bring this up is two-fold, 1st I really have been thinking about it lately and 2nd I turned down a “better” job with more money in order to work on being content. Right now, it’s more important to work as a merchandiser, (which is really physical) and have time to play in two bands, work with Felicia, spend time with Gracie, and cook dinner for Preacher man.

Sometimes it’s just not about the money… It’s about acquiring the peace, a contentedness, a satisfaction making it fit.

It’s a road that keeps getting more narrow.