Baths, Bugs and Being

So, Felicia did ok at puppy class. She’s one of three bigger puppies, which just means there’s more of her. The rest of the class consists of a Jack Russel, a Frenchie, something so small it didn’t warrant the halter it was entrapped in, and a Sheltie. We are working on “Sit” which she’s got down, and “Heel” which she only get’s when I have treats in my pocket.

I took both dog’s for bath’s this past week. A great treat for Gracie, a new experience for Felicia. Needless to say, Gracie was loved and Felicia was double teamed.


I found the strangest worm on my lemon tree this past week. In fact, I had just talked to Cody, Fannin County’s extension agent that very day. Came home and found this dog face thing on my tree.


This is the Orange Dog Caterpillar…As an adult it’s the Giant Swallowtail. They are pests of citrus trees. So all y’all with citrus trees get out there and look! This thing was going to town on my leaves. And ugly, wow yes! See those red horns? They came out when I pissed it off. I left this dude in the plastic bag and he was gone in the morning… I’m still keeping an eye out for his kind. Call me racist, I don’t care. They just got to go!

I’ve been thinking about what being content means. Let me ask you, are you content in your daily tasks? I mean content as an adjective. “Satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.” Or are you wanting more?

See, I have always “wanted more”, so I pushed myself for better jobs, more money, you know, the rat race. But after Preacher man graduated, I slowly started evaluating what I was “doing” and I started to see I was better when I was “being” instead of when I was “doing”. You may not even have time to think about “being” cuz your too busy “doing”, It’s easy to get caught up in the race.

The reason I bring this up is two-fold, 1st I really have been thinking about it lately and 2nd I turned down a “better” job with more money in order to work on being content. Right now, it’s more important to work as a merchandiser, (which is really physical) and have time to play in two bands, work with Felicia, spend time with Gracie, and cook dinner for Preacher man.

Sometimes it’s just not about the money… It’s about acquiring the peace, a contentedness, a satisfaction making it fit.

It’s a road that keeps getting more narrow.