Waiting Time

It’s a bore! It takes too long. It makes us anxious. We just want to stomp our feet and have a hissy fit! Don’t you feel that way when your told you have to wait? Remember Christmas time as a kid…way back when Santa would come to your door to check on you and give you a present. (When that happened, I really had a hard time trying to figure out what was going on.) It was hard to wait!

It’s still hard to wait!

Why is it somethings just don’t get easier as we get older?

But wait we must, cuz you can’t really speed it up or make it come any faster. I have found that over the years, ‘waiting time’ needs to be filled with something. The whole reason I started running was because Preacher man went to South Dakota for 3 months one summer and I had to wait on him to come home. So I started running. While we sit in the doctor’s office waiting on who knows what to happen, we read magazines, grumble among ourselves, look through our email, we fill our ‘waiting time’.

I’ve never seen someone jump up, say they aren’t going to wait anymore, set the trash on fire, block the doors so no one gets in or out and storm through the door smashing pictures and pushing people out-of-the-way. Have you? I mean we feel like doing it and I’m sure some of us can picture it real clearly in our minds, but we don’t do it.

Maybe it’s because we were raised to respect ‘waiting time’, or maybe be in awe of it. “Good things come to those who wait.” We sit rather quietly in our little waiting bubble. Expectant. Ever alert to those around us and any sound that could be a door opening.


This rioting, crying and acting a fool, destroying other people’s property, therapy dog needing crap is not how we act. In fact y’all are a big reason Donald J Trump is going to be our 45 President. We are tired of you acting a fool. We are tired of being blamed. I for one am tired of you bullying me!

“We” are in a ‘waiting time’. There is nothing you can do to speed up or slow down this ‘time’. We will have Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years. Then Donald J Trump will become our 45 President. Pretty much in that order. So now is a good time to practice our ‘waiting time’ skills.

Suck it up Buttercup!

Get a job, move out of your mom’s house, pay your phone bill, and try to find out how you can fix things as opposed to tearing them up.

There is enough real broken, hurting people in this world without your spoiled ass’s adding to it. Be part of the healing not the hurting! Stop being bullies! We’ve had enough of your little fits.

Enough already!