Fine Tuning


Why do we fight change so hard? Even when things are bad, we are reluctant to open our hands and let change happen. Part of my prayer everyday is “Your will Lord, not mine.” yet, do I practice that? I want to, but if I’m honest… not so much.

I find myself having a willing heart but my hands are clinging to anything that seems stable, even if it’s not the best for me, I still hold on.

I read a story this morning about a harpist tuning his harp. Kinda similar to the way God tunes us. God loves us with a huge love, but desires more and better for us. So we are tuned. It’s painful, when the key is turned and the string becomes tighter, but the sound it makes when played is purer.

So we hope that when our strings are struck, that the sound will be Christlikeness. This did not happen for me yesterday, and I am in anguish because I failed.

However, in my failing, I have examined and found that things are not as the always appear. The truth of the matter is if I will open my hands and let God take from me the things he wants to remove from my life, I will allow the tuning of my life.

The crazy thing about all this… If we allow this to happen, for God to tune us, the peace that follows is mind blowing.

So today, I choose to allow God to tune me for his song!


I sense peace…

This morning when I woke, I really didn’t have any idea what had happened through the night. I had a hope of what I wanted to happen, but I truly had no idea.

After I found out that Donald J. Trump was to be our 45 POTUS, I cried. I watched his speech from last night, and I cried. They are tears of relief. They are tears of hope. They are different from the tears of 911, but they are the same.

God still sees us!

I feel like once again, He has answered our prayers, given us a back bone to say, “We aren’t doing government this way anymore!” Shown us that we do matter. The question has always been what are we going to do with it.

The church had the biggest and best chance it has ever had to bring people into the folds on 9/12, and there after for a few months. The church failed.

Now we have been given another chance to be who and what our Fore Fathers had in mind when they pledged their lives to God and this country. I for one am ready!

I sense peace…

There’s a lot of work to do, but we’re up for it. The people of The United States of America,  as a whole, have been resting for the past 8 years. It’s time to get off the couch and get back to work, back to being involved in our communities, back to helping each other.

God is on the Throne!