Everyday do Something!

Tomorrow, we will have been in Bonham for 7 weeks, 49 days, a month and a quarter or since June 10th. Things are settling and routines are starting to form.



Seems I am forever in charge of dogs and all that goes with them, which is really ok. At present we have two. Gracie Mae, who turned 12 this month. I’m having a hard time putting my head around 12 years… I got her from a client at the soup kitchen in Durango. The guy had put her in his backpack and brought her inside. He had just gotten out of jail, was starting the night shift at Denny’s, and was living in a tent. “They were giving them away at City Market” he said. I looked at him like he had lost his mind! “Why don’t you let me take her off your hands so you can concentrate on taking care of you.” The rest is history. Felicia, who is the newest member of the family, is 7 months.


I have already called around to get Felicia and I signed up for training. Looks like the soonest time to start won’t be until around October… I can’t wait that long. So we are walking every morning. Gracie was going with us until she got what we’re thinking is Old Dog Vestibular, has to do with inner ear and balance, now she and I go on slow, short walks.




I try to take Felicia out in the morning before it get’s too hot. We have worked up to about a mile and a half a day. She thinks one of her jobs is to pull me where she wants to go. I am showing her, that’s not always a great idea. So, we’ve started running. This requires her to pay attention and not pick up every single piece of trash along the road. This has been a challenge! It has taken all I have sometimes to keep out of ditches and from jumping out in front of cars. This puppy weights about 40 plus pounds and we call her the Gate Keeper. Remember on Ghost Busters, the gargoyles that keep watch over Zool, that’s what she looks like sometimes. This crazy gargoyle with a huge front in, that could pull a truck down the road.

Everyday do something that will move you closer to a better tomorrow. Even if it’s an inch at a time. When I walk Felicia, I hope that what we do today will make tomorrow a little easier, a little better so that we get good at this. When I walk Gracie, I hope that it keeps her moving into tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be all big, it can be picking up one piece of trash and putting it where it belongs. It can be holding the door for someone, saying thank you, looking people in the eye, but do something, everyday, to make tomorrow better.