Tonight while scrolling through my facebook feed I came upon this picture posted by Kaylin Maree Schimpf. I immediately started to cry. This picture sums up our industry. What we are made of. Integrity. Humility. Courage. Strength. Passion. Pride. Dedication. Community. Adversity.Love. and most of all HOPE. Reading the posts of the ones who have […]

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Friday Night Lights!

When Daddy was stationed in Hawaii, my sister and I got the opportunity to learn to ride horses. It was English saddle, so no horn to hold onto. Cute outfits with beautiful riding boots and cool hats with little whips. Even if the cute outfit part never happened, we did learn to ride.


Jump ahead years, Preacher man and I were dating and went to a rodeo. That was when I figured out I was allergic to horses. My lungs shut down, can’t take in a full breath, sneezing and flat-out feeling like death was surly close at hand.

This is why I have stayed away from horses and horse activities, I try to die!

Few more years, we’re living in the huge state of Texas, it’s time for the Fort Worth Rodeo, so we go. Again, lungs shut down, the whole 9 yards.


J, horse friend and nurse

Now, when you live in Texas, you either have a horse or you have horse friends. I have the later. Horse people do not understand non horse people and I’m ok with that. However, I have this one horse friend who is also a nurse in real life and she asked me a question that I slapped my forehead when asked. “Why don’t you take some Benadryl and bring your inhaler?”



So I did… I was able to stay in the arena for 2 hours.

I feel like I have arrived! I’m in Texas and can try to embrace the culture!

So Preacher man and I went to watch sorting. There are 10 calf’s that have numbers on their backs. The caller picks a number, 4, and two riders have to move the cows from one side to the other, one at a time, in order!  So 4, then 5, up to 9 then 0 and up to 4.

The part’s I love… It’s free and you can bring a cooler. The people aren’t uppity, nor do they treat you like dirt cuz you’re not on a horse. Kids are playing farm in the dirt, there are bathrooms, and a few cowboy hats but more ball caps.

All in all a good time! The best part way being able to pet the horses without falling out dead!

Texas….Your growing on me!